Chief Executive Officer

Debra  joined the staff as Care Manager in 2007. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1980 and also holds Diploma's in Business, Management and Community Services. She has been working in the Aged Care Industry for 17 years, having spent 21 years in the disability sector.

Margaret Budd - ACFI Coordinator


Margaret joined the team in 2012 and performs another very important role within the team and that is to coordinate admissions and assessments that bring in the monthly recurrent money we put towards the overall operations of the facility. As ACFI Coordinator I deliver regular training to staff and have, in the past few months compiled a team of ACFI Champions to assist with the ever growing care needs of our residents.

Tracy Hornby - Registered Nurse

Tracy joined the team in 2016.  Tracey is responsible for the clinical assessment of residents and the coordination of care and medical services in the event of health decline.  As part of her role she networks with Local Doctors, Medical Specialists Services and Pharmacists to ensure the optimum health of our Maranatha residents.

127-137 Whiteley Street

Wellington  NSW  2820


Telephone: 02 6845 3088

Fax: 02 6845 3087

Peter Lewsam: 040 0 376 535

Marian Pool - Chaplain, Pastoral Carer and Emotional and Spiritual Support Person

Marian joined the team in 2007.  As Pastoral Carer, I support people in their pain, loss and anxiety, their triumphs, joys and victories and give support in Palliative Care and End of Life situations. I relate respectfully to individuals in their inner world from all walks of life, their inner resources, resilience and capacity to cope. I am a personal relater operating under a positive motivation that has no strings attached. I have an awareness and respect for multi cultural and multi spiritual beliefs.

I adopt a holistic approach; I am an advocate for residents and their families. I am available to offer spiritual and emotional support to residents, families, and staff. With a non judgmental and confidential approach. I liaise with the local clergy and ministers. I provide emotional and physical support when residents go on medical appointments.

The Emotional & Spiritual Support Team

This team has grown in the most delightful way: Marian Pool has become a fully fledged Chaplain, Linda Sarsfield has again rejoined the staff to lead up the team and bring along her special knack she has to create something exciting out of nothing, Sharon Trudgett, Robyn Keogh and Rebecca Walsh have combined their expertise in dementia activity combining both areas of the facility into one, making possible for Allworth residents to join all activities offered.

Laundry & Cleaning Team

The team work really well together and they all share the work between Allworth WIng, East Wing and The Heights. The Team enjoy the interaction they have with the residents daily especially when they are making their beds for them. They also enjoy Getting friendly advice from the resident on how to clean their room or make their beds more to their liking.

Catering Team:

Rathna Devy is the Food Services manager who oversees the kitchen operations and ensures things are running smoothly, the team Cook and serve Breakfast , Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Supper and other food and beverage requirements throughout the day, Allworth Wing Kitchen serves as a servery, East Wing Kitchen is used for preparing, cooking and serving meals. We offer the option of attending the dining room in either wing or having tray service to your room.

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team  look after the day to day maintenance they also ensure the preventative maintenance program is completed, attending to the gardens and lawns and renovating rooms as needed keeps the team very busy. The team also make themselves available to drive the bus and escort residents on trips or to medical appointments.

Personal Care Staff

The last members of the team to be introduced are all those wonderful Personal Care Staff who assist residents with all their personal care needs , the change to group nursing has seen a more consistent care approach introduced staff are rostered on the same group for at least 1 month, with the side effect being more intimate relationships forming with the staff and residents who they care for.

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